Client Testimonial

Val is a great person who cares about working hard for her clients. She cares about doing her job well and serving her community.
-Tonya Etienne Nash

She's dedicated to serving our community.
-MsAfrica Lakeysha Arceneaux

She's a great person all the way through.
-Telesphor Clay

Mrs. Val is Awesome. She is fair and determined. She is a Five Star and more in my book.
-Natasha Willis

She's absolutely amazing, the very best, hardest working attorney you'll find anywhere. She's more than just a fantastic attorney, she's a wonderful Mother, a brilliant mind, and one of the strongest, most caring women I've ever met, a true role model.

She went so completely above and beyond for me, fought so hard for me, she became so much more than my attorney. I could never put into words what she did for me, Or thank her enough. She was truly a blessing from God, Mrs. Valerie Gotch Garrett literally saved my life.
-Amanda Hale

A great lady there's nobody better for the job.
-Kevin Mouton

Mrs. Valerie is the real deal!!! She's not just any attorney... She's one who will give you her best!!!!
-Rhonda Hebert

The best person for the JOB!!! That's all that needs to be said...
-Cherlyn N. Garrett

Valerie Gotch Garrett is the true example of dedication, hard work, and she is always God's servant 1st!
-Andolyn Louis