Lafayette Divorce Lawyer

Helping You Protect What Matters Most

During a divorce, the interlocked pieces of a family fall apart. The aftermath of breaking up a marriage can be extremely difficult on children and adults alike.

Here at the law firm of Valerie Gotch Garrett, A Professional Law Corporation, we can help. With more than 20 years of legal experience — and a lifetime of personal experience — Ms. Gotch Garrett is committed to fighting for what matters most: you and your children's future. When all the pieces fall apart, she is here to help you fit them back together in a new and creative way.

We handle both contested and uncontested divorce involving:

  • Child custody: Who will get primary custody of the children is often one of the most highly contested issues in any divorce. In such cases, Ms. Gotch Garrett is a skilled litigator. If it is possible to come to a resolution outside of the courtroom, however, we will pursue it. Settling the matter privately can save clients a significant amount of money.
  • Child support: In Louisiana, child support is calculated by a set formula. However, if you or your ex-spouse's income changes, you can request a modification.
  • Spousal support: Also known as alimony, spousal support can be awarded on a permanent or temporary basis.
  • Property and debt division: When it comes to the partition of community property, it is important to understand the debts, assets and liabilities of both spouses.

A Lawyer Who Truly Understands Children's Needs

Ms. Gotch Garrett is not only a successful Lafayette divorce attorney, but she is also a single
mother of five and grandmother of two. Her extensive personal experience gives her a deep and genuine understanding of family dynamics. She knows what matters to parents and how to deal with the ramifications of divorce.

Talk to an Experienced Child Support Attorney Serving New Iberia, Lafayette and More

Whether you are considering filing for a divorce or your spouse has already had papers served on you, contact our office for a consultation. Ms. Gotch Garrett will take the time to listen to your concerns and thoughtfully answer your questions. Call us at 337-366-0957. All calls are returned as soon as possible.